Repair and Protection of Fair-Faced Concrete and Fibre-Reinforced Concrete

Repair and Protection of Fair-Faced Concrete and Fibre-Reinforced Concrete

Protection of old and new fair-faced concrete and surface protection and improvements are another topics that LETOON MİMARLIK is specialist about. Goal of these applications, also known as Concrete Cosmetic, are to perform protection and repair which are requiered without harming to projected character of concrete and its texture. Results after applications is quite succesfull and satisfaying. Shortly, functions can be summarized as below:

  • Matt appearance as concrete
  • Match with concrete colour
  • Complete texture adhence
  • Subtilization to requested ratio with KEIM Concretal-Fixativ or/and Concretal-base
  • Definitely UV resistant
  • Durability due to silicate silification
  • Non-flammability

Our firm is Turkey Representation of two firm which is in this sector:

  1. KEIM Mineral Based Potassium Sol-Silicate Paintings
  2. EVONIK – PROTECTOSIL Silane Based Construction Protection Technologies

KIEM Mineral Based Potassium Sol-Silicate Paintings

KEIM Mineral Based Potasium Sol-Silicate Paintings which is represented by our firm, has been commonly used in North America since 1878. Silicate paintings penetrate to place where is applied, and have chemical interation, result of very good combination of inorganic colour pigments of sodium silicate and mineral based saturating. It becomes part of the surface not the coat covers that.

Surface has a mineral matt appearance just as natural concrete. Wooden mould trails are preserved and in the same time, coating becomes very strong bond with surface due to silification process. Thus, surface is protected against weathering. According to architectural design, coats can be more or less transparent and have colourful appearance related to dilution rate of original concrete material. While one of the important part of application is to balance colour differences with “Concrete grey”, most of architectures prefer to use colourful or concrete grey silicate mineral paintings to maintenances of concrete.

These are not the only purpose of using KEIM Potasium Silicate Paintings. Beside, they are chosen for reasons below;


  • Its adherence, Sodium Silicate, is very durable against UV
  • Silicate paintings have high water vapor transmission.
  • Thanks to low Sd values (<0.02 m) concrete can dry again very rapidly.
  • Pigments used in silicate techologies are non-mineral pigments and they are not affected by UV radiation and adverse weather condition. Because of this property, swelling-spalling is not observed on silicate mineral paintings applied concrete surface
  • Due to Pure mineral pigments (Fb code B1), absolute colourfastness is provided.
  • Reason of existance of pure mineral pigments and surface drying fastly, moss and mold are not observed.
  • Thanks to non-thermoplastic and anti-static adherence, very low level of getting dirty is provided.
  • Silicate mineral coatings have excellent environmental profile, they are non-flammable and toxic odor-free.

Original concrete appearance is protected completely due to mineral matt surface. With its 130 years experience ,KIEM also have plenty of products and solutions related with concrete surface protection and fair-faced consrete application

EVONIK – PROTECTOSIL Silane Based Construction Protection Technologies

EVONIC operating searches, developmentes and production of silane for a 60 years, provides suitable solutions for all requirments in construction protection sector with Protectosil product group.

Many well-known places on Earth are protected with Protectosil® protection products. Because, these high performance protection products can preserve construtions from serious problemsn as down below,

– Deterioration reinforcements of concrete
– Weathering
– Sulfate attack
– Freezing-Thawing Damages
– Acid rain attack
– Moss, mold and graffiti

Protectosil Product Groups come under 5 title.

–  Water-Repellent 
– Surface Protections (Dirt Repellent And Easy Cleaning)
– Corrosion on Concrete Structures
– Anti-Grafitti Products
– Stone Consolidation


Our firm, Letoon Mimarlık, gives technical support for proper usage of KEIM Potassium Sol-Silicate Paint and EVONIK Silane based Construction Protection Technologies together or seperately to maintenance and log term protectionvon your fair-faced concrete projects. 

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