Letoon Mimarlık

Expert on surface protection technology


LETOON MİMARLIK, provides service as a “supplier” or “senior consultant” about,

  • Surface cleaning
  • Surface preparation
  • Surface protection,
  • Surface coating and aplications

from restoration to industry. Our firm have been serving with its technical specialists team expanding day by day since 2007.

Beside, for these business line, LETOON MİMARLIK, have been carrying on distributor and representation of products below;

  • IBIX Ecological Surface Cleaning Systems (Micro Sandblasting Systems)
  • KEIM Mineral Based Potassium-Silicate Paints
  • EVONIK – PROTECTOSIL Silane Based Structure Protection Technologies
  • POLYMER SİLİKATE High Acid and Alkaline Resistance Coatings
  • ROVAL Cold Galvanizing Product
  • RUST BULLET Direct-To-Rusty-Metal Paints
  • FUBIX Grouting, Injection and Spreying Coat Systems

Further, LETOON MİMARLIK is professional firm which offers applications as below;

  • Restoration of Historical buildings
  • Natural Stone Surface Cleaning / Repair / Protection
  • Wooden surface cleaning / Repair / Protection
  • Metal Surface Cleaning / Repair / Protection
  • Brickdust Mortar / Lime Based Mortar application
  • Injection / Micro Injection and Structural Strengthening Works
  • Material Consultancy
  • Concrete – Exposed Concrete surface and the sime time,the firm has technical speciallist team and strong references about those scope.

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