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Technıcal Consultancy

Technical Consultancy

World class service concept with outstanding technologies…

Our firm works on wide range sectors such as from restoration to industrial, especially surface cleaning and protection technologies and we follow closely all innovations, new products and developements.

With experinces gained in restoration works, we make tiny distinction when we are choosing material selection and application and we prefer materials which are suitable for texture and nature of applied surfaces.

Today, all pruduct groups we represented are totally inveted with very long research time and the result of this understanding and attitude. These products are pionner and reliable in the sector.

Scopes that we provide technical consultancy,

1-      Historical Artifacts Repair

Surface cleaning on historical artifacts

Micro Sandblasting

Chemicals Cleaning methods

Laser Cleaning

  • Sturctural Repair

Brickdust mortar

Lime based mortar

Injection and strenghening

  • Consolidation

Silane based Surface Painting and Protection products

Wood materials repair and protection

Natural stone repair and protection

2-      Fair-Faced Concrete Repair and Protection

3-      Corossion Prevention

Cold Gavanization

Direct-On-Rust application products

Acid and Chemicals Resistant Coating

Thermoplastic Coating Systems