Letoon Hizmetler

Repaır of Hıstorıcal Herıtage-Restoratıon

Repair of Historical Heritage-Restoration

Letoon Architecture is professional firm about“Surface Protection Technology” in wide variety sectors from restoration to industrial.

In this scope;

  • Surface Cleaning
  • Surface Preparation
  • Surface Repair
  • Surface Protection
  • Surface Coating and Applications

the firm provides services as “Material Supplier” and “Senior Consultant” about these practices.

Restore historical artifacts – Restoration is one of the main services given by our firm. LETOON MİMARLIK, which gives consultancy services for application and determination of suitable materials, has many strong references in this sector.

Our firm knows well traditional methods and materials used in historical artifacts and keeps searching non-stop, also has vivid background and experiences. Beside, thanks to following new technologies in sector, our firm can combine properly traditional methods and the new technologies in restoration works.

LETOON MİMARLIK known as comes renovative approches about new materials and technologies, aims to not only provide consultantcy for correct and optimized aplication but also to make a big contribution for sector. These servises support commertially and technically products in our constitution. In addition, starting from project phase, they assist end users and protection sector.

Our firm ,principally, educate regularly operational and technical staffs in protection sector with its sensivity and also, provide direct education opportunity to specify proper aprroches and methodogy in cultural herigate protuction.

LETOON MİMARLIK, cares continuing its works with knowing importance and sensivity of cultural and historical heritage for next generations.